My greatest apologies for the mistake I made on the recent video post. I only just picked up on the fact that the video was displayed and the locked wall was sitting right above it. I was running on 3 hours of sleep and I had no idea of the error at the time, so please accept my apology! The video is now behind the locked wall for those who wish to unlock it and watch it AGAIN & of course remains unlocked for you if you have unlocked it! To express my appreciation for those who had purchased the video it within the first 36 hours of the release, I will be PERSONALLY sending you the THIRD video release in the ‘Clear suction dildo’ series. This will be happening tonight for you to enjoy. My most sincere apologies!

If you had not unlocked any content from me, you know have a very good idea of what you can expect 😉

Have an amazing day and I hope you enjoy my content! MORE TO COME…