Scarlet Lyone

Oh… You wanna talk to me about being dirty and getting nasty huh? My craving for cock has been through the roof this week being on my period… It always is 😉 The feeling of anything hard even sliding half an inch up between my legs and just teasing my dripping pussy brings me to my knees… and now I’m going to tease you.

This is something I’ve NEVER even thought of capturing on camera before. Just know… I am aware that this is NOT for everyone (Yes, I’ve done a PH search and can’t find a lot of content of girls doing extreme solo play while on their period) some people find it a little ‘too dirty’ for their liking. This has actually been one of the most enjoyable videos I’ve filmed for you so far 😏 I’m craving a hard fuck so much that I’m cleaning my own spit off the glass table that my pussy has been grinding bare on. Here is a little teaser of the ‘PG’ scenes of the full release going live on the site this weekend.