Scarlet Lyone

WARNING: It was that time of the month when I filmed this the other night. I have never filmed fucking myself like this, but this is when my sex drive is at its peak. You will see my blood dripping off my dildo and full exposure inside my pussy. This MAY not be for you to want to watch. How nasty are you? 😉

This video climaxes… The first 4 minutes you’ll see lots of teasing. Big ass play, hard, tight, slurppy sucking of Mr Clear worshiping him before he is pushed so deep in my pussy, close up shots of my tits, spitting and licking my own spit off of my glass table. Dirty talk, as I’m sliding my thick as fuck lips on my wet seat and you watch from a POV angle. From the 5th minute on, I’m teasing his tip in the shallows of my pussy hole, sliding him up and down my center only to lower myself on him, riding him until I’ve made such a big mess on my little glass table. I think its time to finish in the shower…

As always, enjoy the next 12 minutes for me 😉