I am completely blown away by the response from my most recent video in the last 18 hours. I know you’ve been waiting so patiently to see something as intimate and graphic as that. There is a reason for the wait and I wanted to release it at a time when I knew I held most of my most loyal fans and members. I think its safe to say that my name, my brand and my content are not here to become a ‘One hit wonder’ and I love to tease, continue to make you guess, think and use your imagination, give you a little more… and then deprive you again. Scarlet Lyone is an ONGOING tantalising experience, an erotic mystery and expression of human sexuality, power beauty and vulnerability.

This was a big deal for me to share as much as I have with you in the recent upload, but its very clear that I want to. I love the challenge of how to make content for you every day and I cant describe the feeling when I hear your positive feedback, its almost better than having an Orgasm. A really special thank you to those in the crowd who have been on the site from day one, I am not someone who forgets those things easily and no matter how big or small my brand becomes, you’re going to be remembered as being part of the core. This is only the beginning of some pretty incredible content to come… Thank you, again.