Cum and explore some of Australia with me? I came home after work today and it was perfect beach weather. I could not help myself and HAD to go and do a spontaneous solo shoot for you.

When I found a very quiet side of the beach – where not one person in sight, I was so excited to know I could get as naughty as I wanted to (I even brought Layla) I started to un-tie my tiny bikini and strip in front of my camera. It was all going well UNTIL a couple started strolling down the beach and then another, and another… so I quickly dressed myself and began walking back up to my car to head home. When I stumbled across a very private, nature secluded area. The sun was setting so It was dark and even though there were 2 entrances, meaning double the chance of being seen… I started to make the content I came out for.

I got so into it, even though I was constantly on edge, trying my best not to be seen behind the shades of the trees, I really liked it. There’s just something about the idea of being caught doing something naughty that turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. At any second, in any position, someone could catch me making this content for you. Unbelievably arousing.

This isn’t it… There’s another release to continue this little solo gallery.