To welcome the newest edition to our toy collection, here’s a video of my ass taking the new Anal bullet in POV mode with HD shots of my smooth little pussy. It’s just like you’re sitting right under me, looking up I’m really really… really starting to like the feeling of having toys in my asshole. What should we name her??


WARNING: It was that time of the month when I filmed this the other night. I have never filmed fucking myself like this, but this is when my sex drive is at its peak. You will see my blood dripping off my dildo and full exposure inside my pussy. This MAY not be for you to want to watch. How nasty are you? 😉

This video climaxes… The first 4 minutes you’ll see lots of teasing. Big ass play, hard, tight, slurppy sucking of Mr Clear worshiping him before he is pushed so deep in my pussy, close up shots of my tits, spitting and licking my own spit off of my glass table. Dirty talk, as I’m sliding my thick as fuck lips on my wet seat and you watch from a POV angle. From the 5th minute on, I’m teasing his tip in the shallows of my pussy hole, sliding him up and down my center only to lower myself on him, riding him until I’ve made such a big mess on my little glass table. I think its time to finish in the shower…

As always, enjoy the next 12 minutes for me 😉


I really thought I was alone in the locker rooms of my gym… I took both of my toys in with me because I knew I wanted to have a play after my workout (my pussy needs a daily stretching too). I had to be so quiet to make sure no one could hear my moans but I ended up getting in trouble for filming and couldn’t finish there. I took it home and finished off dripping wet in the shower.

Double toy penetration, my favorite silicone 4inch butt plug and Mr Clear are stretching me out at the same time. I love the feeling of my pussy and my asshole being filled at the same time. Watch my pussy take those toys deep, up close and clear, hear me moaning and begging for more. Would you want to play with me too? 😉

Enjoy this 10 minute video,


The coldness of this ice cream feels so good sliding down both of my holes… Could you please help me clean up? I’m a mess

My favourite scene is 1:08 where it drips out of my asshole and down the centre of my pussy


I’ve been horny all day, dripping wet through my panties & I’ve been thinking about a hard fuck all day 😉 My fingers are so deep inside of me & I’m so wet I could fit three. Listen to how wet I am…

A naughty 10 photo gallery is coming up next


Flexibility creates more fun when we fuck I know you’ve got something better for me to grind my pussy on than my pillow, don’t you

Naughty girls deserved to be whipped. My photographer certainly thought I deserved one today… She made me take it on my knees.

So much more to cum. Just like how I would let you in my dirty little mouth.

You ready for another big month of content? March 31 marks the sites FIRST birthday which means… I’m stepping up the content FURTHER both in quality and intensity of visuals to celebrate (need I say more?). I’m adding to our growing toy collection very soon. Are there any toys you’d like to watch me play with?


Turn that volume up…Just a little teaser of tomorrow nights full video release. Mr. Clear is getting lots of love tonight… How long a do you think you’ll last in my mouth when I’m sucking like this?


I love experimenting with new ideas to keep us both entertained & excited, dripping wet & hard 😉

Do you love my naturally THICK ass? Do you like watching how I can control both cheeks? Do you want to see me focus more on my tight, little asshole? You haven’t seen me play with my asshole just yet…I was saving this occasion & I think it’s about time. This is the first time I have ever played with ass toys & I chose my new 5 inch ribbed silicone ass plug to take the honour (it felt so good in my pussy that I used it to play with my as). I think it’s SO hot that you get to watch my ass play, it’s the FIRST time for both of us..

Just be gentle with me baby, my ass is SO tight (I had to use so much lubricant). Huge ass play, teasing my own ass hole while I’m in reverse cowgirl position, extreme close ups of both of my tight, wet holes. Watch me as I spread my ass cheeks & my thick pussy lips in two for you while I feed my asshole with this pretty little toy…

Full video run time: 5M 30S

I loved filming this for you. Do you think I could fit a bigger toy inside of me next time? 😉


Only ONE hour to go until the FULL release of this video. Experiencing my FIRST anal play infront you makes me so fucking wet, why is that?
I hope it makes your mouth water too


The first signs of a BIG release. Are you a fan of my big, NATURAL, thick ass?

I’ve never played with anal toys before, can you imagine just how tight my asshole is? I thought it would be so hot to film it for you. It’s almost like we’re doing it together for the first time… how do you feel about that? Are you ready?